wex ranch

wex ranch provides

a unique retirement opportunity

for your most special equine friend.


this 7000 acre certified organic ranch houses an aged equine program and provides year round pasture for 100 mother cows. we are situated 2 hours northeast of santa fe, new mexico near historic corazon.  at 5200 feet we hope for 12 inches of moisture annually.  the winters are generally mild, nice snows and bright, hot summers, providing the ideal opportunity to explore the area and stay in our newly renovated historic stone guest house. 

the ranch is dedicated to preserving new mexico’s natural resources, biodiversity, and water conservation.  with strategic water management and carefully planned rotational grazing, we facilitate  a 100% native grass diet for the cattle program.   every retired horse also benefits from these practices with organic pasture  available on a daily basis.  combining working ranch traditions with progressive land stewardship,  wex ranch exists to provide dignity and caring interaction for aged equines in a diverse and sustainable environment.  our horses, cattle, and chickens would definitely agree!

a home for aged equines